Experience Poland Tours are offered twice a year, during European Spring and Autumn, and are based on a lifetime of living in, working and travelling to Poland.

Autumn 2021

Spring 2022




Mazovia Region

  • Warsaw’s Old Town & country’s design tradtions
  • Central Textile Museum and their unique, one of the biggest textile collections, City of Łódz
  • Łódz: Discover the city’s famous murals & explore its long, textile traditions
  • Creativity, Design and Textiles – get to know the city’s famous design credentials
  • Workshop using local linen and other natural fibres and amber 
  • Explore Polish traditional folk designs
  • Networking opportunity with local textile and fibre artists at their homes and studio
  • Home stay experience, including home cooked meal and refreshment
  • Textiles themed shopping experience and more…



  • Old Town: Wawel Castle’s Textile Arrases, Oriental Collection, Jewish District
  • Tatra Mountain – discover region’s traditional designs, styles and artwork as well as famous local food
  • Tatra Mountain Natural Hot Springs; immerse in the world class, purpose build hot springs facilities; unwind in the relaxing atmosphere; breath-taking view over Tatra Mountains
  • Networking opportunity with local textile and fibre artists at their homes and studios
  • Personal time to explore and experience the city’s vibrant history, cultural and artisan sites
  • Private Polish Traditional Gourmet Cooking Class
  • Artisan shopping

Silesia & Mountains Region

  • Visiting a cultural hub on a former underground deep coal mining site – Silesia Museum; focus on contemporary textiles, fibre art, printing and installations
  • Taste Silesian food
  • Explore one of the most interesting post-industrial exhibition venues and enjoy local talents
  • World’s Heritage listed cultural traditions – Koniakow’s Lace

Far East Region – Lublin

  • Flax – from the seed to the fabric
  • Local vibrant art scene
  • Networking with local creatives/artists and makers
  • Lublin Castle – textile and paper art collection; styles, designs and patterns of the region
  • Lublin’s Multicultural Centre – explore the city’s amazing cultural hub and its local creative scene
  • Parks & open spaces

Baltic Coast

  • Networking opportunities at Museum of City of Gdynia, a home of Baltic Mini Textile Exhibition
  • Old Town – Gdansk,  Amber Museum, Art gallery/workshop site visit – amber and silversmith jeweller
  • Baltic coast – Explore Sopot, Gdynia & Gdansk
  • Networking opportunities and discovering local talents


*Optional opportunity to visit remote, far east of part of Poland and its remarkable last European native bushland and its wild life.