Home is where the heart is

There is no better way to explore and feel very welcomed into the country’s culture as sharing a meal and stories over a dinner table and being in someone’s personal space called “home”. We are delighted to offer this exact experience – meeting locals in their homes and their families’ private spaces.

As we share our own stories, building bridges across cultures and continents, discovering each other interests, passions and creative achievements, we cherish and learn about own interests, memories and passions for creativity and art.

Explore with us private places, studios and creativity… meet families and their friends…

“I loved visiting artists’ homes and meeting and talking with them and their families. The connections were really wonderful and gave me lots of insights into Polish traditions, ideas, history, politics and music.”

“All contacts with artists were excellent – their homes and welcome to us as fellow crafts people – was amazing! Would love to meet with them all again.”