Travelling through Poland’s Cultural, Artisan and Textile Traditions

Twice a year Australia based textile artist, photographer and business owner Jolanta Szymczyk offers small, unique and boutique tours exploring her homeland, through the lenses of the country’s rich cultural and artisan traditions, its textile heritage as well as its beautiful sight scenes.

The tours are celebration and homage to the region’s unique artisan and design skills developed over centuries in culturally diverse and ever changing geographical context. The cultural influences and turbulent history left remarkable marks on the country’s traditions, celebrations, rituals and practices – a true feast for all senses.

With its central European location and easy access, the centuries old traditions, beautiful and diverse landscape and friendliest hospitality are positioning Poland formalising its hot destination for those looking for sophisticated cultural experiences.

The tours take the participants through some the country’s most remarkable sites, world heritage listed places and provide the first-hand experience of contemporary artisan and sophisticated traditions.

The tours are a prime example of a successful mix – a bilingual professional and passionate artist takes people on a journey of exploration of the region’s cultural roots and shares her own experiences in a friendliest, personal manner with those seeking an ultimate small group, engaging experience with a touch of creativity and flair for a style.

The group travels through breathtaking Tatra Mountains on the south and its folk and colourful traditions to the picturesque city of Krakow and the city’s oldest dedicated shopping mall in the world dating back to 15th century.


From the open fields and poetry of Mazovia Region, Chopin’s birthplace and the source of inspiration, through sweeping and rolling hills and open fields of Central Poland, pristine lakes country and up the coast of Baltic Sea, almost every major geographical region is experienced during this journey.

A range of examples of slow food movement, local products and traditional, regional foods and drinks are being on offer to enrich the unique experience. Polish famous naturally fermented foods are being demystified in a hands-on gourmet cooking class in the Old Town of Krakow.

The tour also offers first hand experience of at least 44 million years old and unique Baltic Amber, the opal of the north, and plentiful flax and linen fibre – the country’s best natural and exquisite fibre.

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