Poland – home of the biggest and oldest textile art exhibition

The International Triennial of Tapestry Exhibition’s tradition is rooted back in Poland’s textile art and school of design. This over 40 years old world class event takes place at the Central Museum of Textiles, a former textile manufacturing site and factory.

During the last year event, 136 artists from 46 countries presented their works at this world’s biggest textile art event. At the same time almost 100 affiliated events took place across the country showcasing a diverse range of textile art from around the world.

Textile Art Poland
“Beautiful waiting” by Sylwia Jakubowska

Over the years, the exhibition grew from strength to strength, adding to the event’s ranking on the scene of world of textile art. At the same time, the event offers remarkable networking opportunities for the artists, organisers as well as the audience. The vibrancy of the event, set in the city’s post-industrial site, a former textile factory, is an event that cannot be missed. This unique site enables unhampered and spatially dynamic positioning of art works, giving undisturbed and unlimited view of each piece.


Attending the opening event, a form of textile art pilgrimage, offers unique opportunities to meet those who have worked behind the scene to make the event a great success. The event attracts a huge crowd, not only of the textile and fibre art community from around the globe, but also culture and art professionals, Embassies’ representatives proudly promoting their cultural presence at the event and the media.

“Gift from the Sea Air” by Yasuko Iyanaga


Today’s Textile Practices

The latest event attracted renewed interest in the art of embroidery, an old textile technique. The technique, lifted up out of its traditional roots,  matched the demands and interest of contemporary communities. Large, bold and monumental pieces became the modern day’s ambassadors of textile traditions. Applied and incorporated with a contemporary minimalism, global symbolism created a fresh range of artists’ voices speaking to a world citizen on their daily issues.

“Porcelain Coasts” by Rolands Krutovs

The exhibition’s works were adding strong voices to the social, economical and political commentaries, yet another valuable dimension to contemporary dialogue on global issues and challenges people, countries and communities are facing right now.

After all, artists play a crucial and fundamental role in any society to make voiceless heard.


Photography © Experience Poland

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